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Terms and conditions


1. Validity of the terms and conditions

The terms of delivery and payment are part of all contracts for goods deliveries and services of geoway emotion GmbH.


2. Offers

Offers and prices are subject to confirmation by written order confirmation by geoway emotion GmbH.  


3. Prices

The prices are net plus the statutory VAT.  


4. Delivery and delivery time

Delivery is ex works. Delivery times are not binding.  


5. Payment

Payment is cash or prepayment.  


6. Warranty and guarantee

Geoway emotion GmbH is committed to a 2-year warranty. Defects are only recognized if the buyer complains of all obvious defects, false reports or wrong deliveries within 5 days, hidden defects within 90 days, after delivery. All defects based on this will be remedied by geoway emotion GmbH or a company commissioned by geoway emotion GmbH within a reasonable period of time. A guarantee for the regular use of wearing parts due to wear is excluded. Any manipulation or attempted repair by the buyer or third parties voids any warranty or guarantee. Used equipment purchased from third parties are not allowed for professional use in studios, hotels, etc. Any warranty claim, warranty, and the Product Liability Act shall cease to apply. Used third-hand devices can only be used after they have been subjected to an expert opinion or a technical inspection by the manufacturer. Once a positive opinion has been issued or a technical review has been carried out, the authorization for commercial use may be obtained from the competent authority. During the guarantee period, we do not charge for travel within a radius of 800 km from our location. For journeys of more than 800 km, we have to charge a flat rate travel fee.  

7. Return

Geoway emotion GmbH is not obliged to take back delivered goods.  


8. Property

The goods remain the property of the company until full payment.    

9. Disclaimer

Claims for damages due to impossibility of performance, due to negligence on conclusion of contract and tort are excluded against geoway emotion GmbH as well as against fulfillment and vicarious agents of geoway emotion GmbH.


10. Right of withdrawal

The buyer can withdraw from a signed purchase contract within a period of 2 working days. After this period, the buyer expressly waives the right to withdraw from the purchase application. In the case of unforeseeable reasons, the buyer has the option within 14 days to withdraw from the purchase of the goods or services by paying a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee is 25% of the order value. Geoway emotion GmbH reserves the right to check the reasons for their accuracy and unpredictability and to reject them. The original sales contract remains in its validity.

11. Place of performance

For all deliveries and services the objectively responsible court in Leibnitz applies for both parts. These terms and conditions and the contracts to be concluded under these terms and conditions are subject to Austrian substantive law. The uniform UN sales law is excluded.


12. Legal notice

All statements made on these pages reflect only personal opinions.

Geoway emotion GmbH assumes no liability for the accuracy and content of the information provided on the entire homepage, as well as no liability and responsibility of the content statements, in particular advertising material (flyers, brochures, downloads … etc.) Or will not be liable for the publication of our promotional materials accepted.